Joanne Klauke-LaBelle Memorial Scholarship


Joanne Klauke-LaBelle (JKL) Memorial Scholarship was created in memory of a woman who devoted her life to the youth. She created an environment that was free of judgment and with a mission to create harmony in ourselves, each other, and the world we live in through the power of the arts – especially music. Joanne strongly believed in volunteering and more particularly, believed in “paying it forward”. She passionately tried every day to make a difference and asked that those around her did the same. Joanne created a legacy of love and music for youth in the communities of Sarnia and Lambton County. This scholarship is intended to help those individuals intending to pursue the performing arts or visual arts as a field of study.jkl  The application deadline is April 11.  


The winner of the first Joanne Klauke-LaBelle (JKL) Memorial Scholarship was Brennah Freer.